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4879 Chiles Industrial Road, Red Deer, AB, Canada

PH: 403-342-1440

We are located on the north end of Red Deer, a block and a half North of Hiway 11a and a block and a half East of Hiway 2a (Gaetz Ave)

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Moving Tips

Make a list

Make a to do list and prioritize. Don't forget to keep phone numbers and contact names like realtors, utility companies and moving providers in one place for quick access.

Have plenty of supplies

Get more boxes than you think you need, you can return the excess. Make sure you have enough tape, markers, wrapping paper so you don't have to waste time running out for more. Don't forget the mattress bags to keep mattresses from getting dirty.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

A wardrobe box is like a closet in a box, shoes or pillows and comforters can go in the bottom. It is also a great space for lamps, and other tall decor.


  • Rent a dolly, we have heavy duty appliance dollys, utility dollies and furniture dollies

  • We also carry “Forklift” forearm straps, great for moving almost anything.

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Find some volunteer helpers, or hire movers

  • Start packing early, this is a great time to declutter

  • UHaul boxes are sized for tetris style stacking, quicker and easier to stack

  • Wardrobe boxes- closet in a box- fill bottom with pillows

  • TV’s are safer in TV boxes, but flat screens will also fit into picture boxes

  • Wrap your fragiles well, use your dish towels, pillow covers or wrapping paper or bubble wrap – dishbarrel boxes are double walled for added protection and have cell kits to keep glasses from breaking    

  • Bubble wrap and moving pads protect furniture and fragiles through the moving process

  • You can also come in and rent blankets, dollies, trucks, trailers and pretty much anything moving and storage related.

  • Use plastic wrap or painters tape to keep drawers and doors closed

  • Use tie straps to secure hide-a-beds so they don’t spring open at the most inopportune moment

  • Tape guns are fun and quick, and if your moving for work save the receipts – they’re a tax deduction

  • Write on the boxes what is in it and which room you want it taken to ie: kitchen, bedroom etc

  • If you’re renting a UHaul, book WAY ahead of time!!

  • Big things first

  • Some Sofas can go on end

  • Always put something between fabric and the floor or a metal wall

    • Or better yet use a sofa bag

    • Mattresses should be in mattress bags

  • Remove legs from tables to save space

  • Wrap wood veneers in a blanket to protect the finishes from scratches

  • Put heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter stuff on top

  • Use a heavy gauge lock


  • Only you have access and anyone you have added to your rental contract

  • The Office is open weekdays and Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm

  • You have access to your storage after hours using your gate code

  • Gate locks down at 10:00pm, and opens each morning at 6:30 am,

    • If you need access outside those hours, call ahead to make arrangements, we can be flexible,

  • We don’t carry insurance on contents, check with your home owner policy holder to see if you are already covered. ( some  credit cards may include coverage )

  • Your move in date is your payment due date.

    • If you need a different payment date, that can be arranged

  • It’s important to keep your contact information up to date

  • Don’t store food, perishables, explosives, flammables, drugs

  • We do not lock you into long leases. You can get daily, monthly or annual rates.